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“Ace” male chastity device

  • How long would it take to acclimate to a belt?

    You will feel some tightness at first, and it will be largely relieved after a few hours, after that your body will need about 4-5 days to fully adjust.

  • How long can I wear a belt?

    It's designed very well for 24/7 locking. Based on our experience, if you get used for the first 7-10 days, while hygiene remains at an acceptable level, then you can try doubling the time and if everything is OK, you'll be able to wear it almost as long as you want.

    We have tried being locked out for more than 1 month, and the longest record for a client is 3 months, it appears that this caused him a considerable mental frustration.

    Although there is no evidence of medical risk from wearing these devices for long time (no doubt different devices and usage patterns also constitute factors), and some doctors are also using our belts, you should still be concerned about your health while playing.

  • Will others notice my belt?

    Any kind of pants can hide it well. It is smoother than your natural shape, and flatter than many "shemale" style belts. It is also more concealing than most small cages.

  • Your waistbelt uses no lining, does it cause discomfort?

    Its edges are completely rounded, and what effect even greater is our 3d design. Based on our locking experience, there is no reason to add a lining.

  • Is it comfortable when sitting?

    This is one of our key enhancements, as we often drive and sit at work for long hours ourselves, so we made it very comfortable.

  • Can I do sports in it?

    I kept the habit of indoor aerobic workouts in it. Also I do some fat burning dance, walking, not much jogging and cycling (saddle needs to be adjusted). Nothing wrong with any of them, but you should avoid those multi-person, contact sports.

  • Is it easy to use the bathroom?

    Of course, our equipment will not affect your business, however you have to do it in a female-like position. After you take a leak, we recommend flushing the interior of the tube with a syringe.

  • Is the tube a standard size?

    Yes, currently we only offer one size of tube with an inner diameter of 34mm, which has been optimized by us for a long time.

    The new spec means re-modeling and optimization work, which is our next step.

  • What if my size changes?

    Our belt is around your lower belly, where it is generally not sensitive to weight changes.

    If the belt no longer fits, you can replace the waistband or the rear piece, or both of them, after re-measuring.

    The new waistband can be shipped to you directly without sending back the original product, while to replace the rear piece you will need to send back the original as it is attached to the tube.

  • Can you add a front shield or cover to the tube?

    We found that you can't simply "add" them to the current design, which requires re-routing the bend of the tube and the space left for the balls. And it's not as hygienic for long-term wear, so for now we can't.


  • How long will it take to make my belt?

    The measuring kit will be shipped within 10 working days after your deposit is paid.

    The finished product is expected to be shipped in 8-10 weeks after you receive the measuring belt and complete the measurements. Some of the factors that may affect the schedule and shipping include very cold/hot weather and the Lunar New Year holiday in China.

  • How do I measure my size?

    Please refer to our ordering guide

  • Do you provide extra keys?

    The Master locks we use are factory configured with two keys, so we don't have copies. We may support other types of padlocks in the future.

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  1. It would be more accurate to say that your belt will be shipped within 8-60 weeks after you complete the measurements, if at all. I submitted my measurements 50 weeks ago

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