No Half Measures.

We will tell the engineering process in 3 steps, each one of them makes Cocoon Ace exceptional.

From the drawing board

There are tons of things to consider, when concepting a chastity belt that works, and suitable for long-term locking. Effective protection, comfort, easy to keep clean, low visibility…

In general, it’s difficult for one product to meet all demands, but that’s exactly what we aim to do. Actually, we’ve taken much more into account. We’re gonna make something that no man has done before.

Friendly to your skin
Your pants

Your latex
And seats of your car
And … even your sheer tights

We chose the single-tube design, which has the best comfort, and helps to maintain cleanliness – all areas except the penis can be washed directly.

To the front, an oblong water filling hole was added, which allows for a better angle of flushing. We didn’t add any vent holes, because they would get clogged by your chap, and interfere with flushing.

The one-piece tube extends upward to the locking area, solid and will never distort. The penis is pressed downward almost vertically, for the best invisibility.

The bottom of the tube should be super smooth – curvature continuous, if you happen to be a mathematician – to even out the stress to protect your underwear and seats, as well as to ensure your comfort in every pose.

Such curves are not only in one place, but everywhere. Unlike industrial arcs, they are organic, difficult to define, and evoke hatred from factory employees. Anyway, they bring us unparalleled comfort.

Many chastity belts make you uncomfortable while sitting down. To ensure comfort in prolonged sitting positions, we had some volunteers (including ourselves) sit on the clay, and these models would provide us with data for improvement.

This photo was taken recently. The actual measurements at the time were more precise and less affected by perspective.

When you lean back (for example, while driving), many other belts exert significant pressure to the base of your penis, which can be painful. What can we do about it?

Our solution is to use the pubic area as a support, to distribute the stress. This requires a good understanding of the subtle shape of the pubic bone, and a rigid belt that fits better than ever to hold the tube in the right position. Once it’s been solved, we can apply a stricter tube mouth design to improve security.

Just like a good master, whose severity always coexists with tenderness, that’s how we understand chastity belts.

Beat steel into cocoons

Aesthetics is a by-product of

If we don’t have enough design ability, our good ideas would stay on the drawing board.

If our manufacturing ability is limited to welding some pipes together, our fully ergonomic design would be a pipe dream.

Luckily, we have a professional industrial designer, and professional technicians – although what affects the product more might be our end-stage OCD. We even got the help of a surgeon who’s also a chastity lover, which allowed us to use digital medical models to help design.

It took a lot of hard work to build and refine the prototype, but our design made a great difference. It doesn’t only change the comfort at specific postures – it’s more comfortable at all times.

Even though the first version was praised by all our customers, we kept pushing it to perfection.

The current design fits so snugly that when we flush with the syringe, almost no water leaks out of the tube mouth. It doesn’t just flush cleaner, it keeps escape out of reach.

The hip band was simulated to fit on the digital anatomical model and then corrected several times. It uses your bones as fulcrums, with the tight construction, this belt is as stable as welded to your body.

Meanwhile, it’s so comfortable that sometimes you forget it’s there.

If compared to any of the past belts, we’d say it’s the difference between 3D and 2D. Literally.

We process them like works of art, but with greater precision. We don’t like useless gaps and wobbles, so we often have to deal with dimensions even more precise than 0.1mm. We also customize some special tools for CNC cutting and polishing.

We’ve seen a few products from some respectable manufacturer – they just simply grind off the corners of their hip bands. Whereas we insist on everything that touches the skin must be authentically rounded and smooth to reduce scratching and rubbing, even though it takes several times as many man-hours to process. Every bolt, and every edge of the padlocks, all require fine sanding/polishing.

Magnifier-Proof Quality.

Make it yours

The last step is the real challenge, which is as critical as all the previous work put together – adapting to different people. This requires accurate measurements, flexibility in adjusting engineering drawings, and forming them properly.

We’ve created a measurement process, simple and works well. You just need to measure your high hip girth as given first, then we will make a measuring belt dedicated to you. It is made of resin, easy to adjust, and comes with our detailed instructions and online support.

After getting your measurements, instead of simply resizing the drawings, we use a variable digital model to generate them, as well as calibrate the final product. After a long period of optimization, the model has been well adapted to various body types.

Cocoon Ace is the world’s first 100% ergonomically designed customizable full chastity belt, without any compromise. Compared to whether it’s difficult to make, we always consider more for users.


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  1. I now remember why I couldn’t stand being an industrial designer. Copy like this hurts to read. “If you’re a mathematician” give me a break

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