Ordering Guide

As the title image shows, we can divide the ordering process into four steps.

Placing an order

We split the deposit and balance payment for the chastity belts into two items, where the balance payment is a flat price. You can choose to pay the deposit and the balance separately, or pay it all at once, the total amount will not make a difference. Currently, we only support paypal payment.

If it shows “Unverified shipping costs for your area” at checkout, it means we haven’t shipped to your area yet, so we don’t know the shipping costs. You can contact us before placing your order, and we will update the shipping cost in the backend after inquiring with the carrier, or you can choose to transfer the shipping cost directly via PayPal.

If you have questions about whether a product is right for you, feel free to contact us as well.

If you need accessories, we recommend placing the order together with the deposit, so that delivery will not be delayed due to the production of accessories. Some customizable accessories (such as anal plugs) may vary in price due to cost and design time. If you would like to customize, please communicate with us to get a quote before placing an order.


First, you just need to measure your abdomen girth like this.

You'll need: a pen and a metric soft ruler.

 Make a mark 7cm above the base of your penis, and find the top edge of your buttocks. Straighten the soft ruler around your body through them.

 You'll need to measure twice, one for standing and one for lying down, then submit TWO VALUES (usually they'll be 1-4 cm apart).

At the sides of the body, the soft ruler should be below the edge of your hipbone (the blue line).

 It has to fit your body perfectly, not too loose or too tight (tighten the soft ruler properly if you are a bit overweight).

Once we have your data, we will make a specific measurement kit for you, send it to you, and then we will guide you to complete all the measurements.

Wonder if your figure fits our belts?

We have some customers with very slim figures and this is not a problem for us. On the other hand, the figures for our most big-bodied customers by far:
Weight: 102kg
Height: 180cm
Abdomen girth: lying down - 106 cm / standing - 109 cm

This customer expressed his satisfaction with the finished product. 

If you have a bigger body, we may not be too sure about that, but are very happy to try.

Balance payment

We will start production once you have completed the measurements. You can pay the balance payment at the latest when the finished product is ready.


We ship by FedEx (International Priority) as default. If FedEx is uneconomical/unavailable in your area, we will choose the same class of premium carriers with your consent.


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  1. Hi. Your belts look really pretty and the design pleases me greatly. However I have uncertainties about if I can get my measurements perfectly right… What to do if I get the belt and notice the size doesn’t fit me well?

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